Get Obsessed with What You LOVE About Yourself

I’m so lit up from the brand photo shoot! It was the first investment that I didn’t over think. When I saw the offer in the Be True, Brand You course, I said, “YES!”

I’ve wanted new head shots to express my devotion to girls’ empowerment. To be honest, that’s what I thought I paid for – new head shots. This was much more.

When I spoke with photographer, Milissa Claire, I spilled my desire to help girls feel confident through playshops, Mother Daughter Retreats, and coaching. I want to inspire 1 million girls to transform their relationship to self-love and empowerment by Filling Their Cup First.

Pinterest became our playground with pics of girls, businesswomen, hairstyles, makeup looks, and power poses that felt good to me. Milissa helped me visualize what I looked like standing in my power. This was hard for me. I always hid my light, because I never wanted to be better than anyone. As I closed my eyes, I saw my hands on my hips standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to fly.

The day of the shoot was wind beneath my wings. Makeup artist, Katryna Castillo was fun to work with! (Thank you for the laughs and natural look!) I was  happy my cousin Cathy was there. She's a gifted kid's yoga teacher who'll do events with me.

Unstoppable Girls Squad is founded on these core values:

  1. Fill Your Cup First
  2. Love Your Body
  3. Community Over Competition
  4. Conscious Communication
  5. Pay it Forward

When you fill your cup first, you can live from a full well. If please others first, you feel deflated. By making yourself your #1 priority, you have energy to help others.

My mission is help girls to realize this before their 13th birthday. Meet my leopard lounge. This is where A LOT of my work happens.

Then all 4 of us squeezed in my Mini Cooper for the first stop of our adventure - Seed to Sprout. As a Health Coach, I want to live in a world where girls Love Their Body. When you eat whole foods, speak kindly to yourself, and own your unique beauty, you have the power to create the life of your dreams. Social media makes it easy for girls to compare themselves to other girls, which makes me sad. No one is like you and that is your power. 

For me, family is a strong support. Cathy and I enjoyed a healthy lunch. The lighting at the cafe was perfect! So are flexible work days. Being able to take an exercise class on a Tuesday helps me feel great and do great work.

Next stop was Sea Bright Beach! One of the brand colors is teal. It's a fusion of Jersey Shore waves (where I’m from) and the throat chakra for communication. The words you tell yourself CREATE your success. Speaking up for yourself is important and I want girls to master this young. Drawing clear lines in the sand earns you respect. Communication is a BIG part of my life. (I’ve worked in the field my whole career as a graphic designer and writer!)

Cathy bought us “Be Unstoppable” tees (Love them – thanks, Cat!). They looked awesome with jeans. We walked along the water and had fun with our beautiful model, Ruby. (Thank you for coming!)

Last stop was Red Bank where I planned dock pics by the Navesink River. As we drove passed stunning, pink blossoming trees, we had to stop! The other brand color is pink for self-love. Being there for yourself is the important love affair you’ll have. The blooms express my passion to grow a self-empowerment brand.

I couldn’t have planned a more fun day! I felt so free in front of the camera. The settings were just right. The conversations flowed. As Milissa says, "The photo Gods were on our side!" The final product were more than head shots. The experience changed me on a soul level.

When I saw the photo gallery, I was so happy, I cried. It was the first time I saw myself as a leader for girls. Seeing my brand story come to life thrilled me. Photographing myself standing for what I believe in was POWERFUL. The photos filled me with a deeper level of self-love. I didn’t realize how beautiful I was. I knew, but these photos helped me FEEL it. I fell more in love with my mission. Girls, I’ll teach you to feel confident. And, it has nothing to do with makeup!

When you do what you love, your life has meaning. That’s the picture of success. Not fame. Or money. The message that moves you will move others.

I'm glad I said YES! Yes to being seen! Yes to empowering girls! 

I feel more confident. More on fire. More obsessed with the things I love about myself. My light. My strength. My devotion to Unstoppable Girls Squad.

My invitation is: What if you obsessed over your strengths instead of weaknesses? 

Flood the comments with things you LOVE about yourself!